So, where did this all begin? I started this blog back in April 2012, when I first became interested in beauty and fashion. Having previously not being interested in these at all - think no make up and always wearing jeans and t shirts - it all changed when I stopped biting my nails. I bought nail polishes to show them off, and ended up spending many hours on Google searching for nail polish recommendations. This led to reading reviews on other products through these blogs, and after a few months I was well and truly hooked! I decided to start my own blog to share my opinions on high street beauty products and fashion, and to talk to other girls who love these as much as me. Little did I know that I would still be writing over four years later!

This used to be primarily a beauty blog, but in late 2014 I decided that I wanted to change direction, as I was no longer happy with the content I was producing. It is now what I would call a "lifestyle" blog; basically a way of saying that I write about whatever I want! This ranges from restaurants that I think you should visit, to day trips in Yorkshire and everything in between - and yes, even the odd beauty product review thrown in for fun, too. I had some great support whilst I made these changes (for the better, I like to think), and these days I hope that this is a blog that you enjoy to read and continue to explore.

I love writing, and I love photography, so keeping this blog gives me the best of both worlds. Neither of these I would care to pursue as a career right now; enjoying these activities as hobbies is more than enough for me. That, and I learnt throughout education what pursuing a singular topic does for my love for them! You will discover throughout reading my blog that I don't post as often as others, but I believe in quality over quantity. Every post that you will find on this blog is a labour of love, that takes time, effort and more photos taken than I care to admit. My blog, therefore, is a small fish in a very large pond, but I love it and I have been given many wonderful opportunities because of it. It is mine, and I am proud of how far my little blog has come.

As for me, myself and I; well, I'm a beer-guzzling food lover, that has a terrible potty mouth and takes no nonsense. For all of these attractive qualities however, I am also kind, a good listener, always willing to help and I have a lot of love for the right people. I shuffle through those awkward situations in life by trying to make people laugh (usually at myself), and like all of us I'm trying the best I can with what I've got. I'm always willing to give anything a go once, and my life mantra is "You only live once", with a sprinkling of "What's the worst that can happen?" It seems to be working alright so far.

I studied Graphic Design and Photography at university, graduating in 2011 and when I'm not "doing things for the blog", I make my living by working full-time in travel retail. I have a boyfriend, Martin, and we've been together for nearly ten years now. If all of this information about myself isn't enough for you - I mean, who wouldn't want to know more, right? - head over to my contact page and get in touch.