Review: Sili Sunglasses

September 17, 2015

This review might be coming a bit late in the year (y'know... because we had so much sunshine this summer - although slightly more than last year), but better late than never, right? I came across Sili Sunglasses on Twitter, and they were asking for some bloggers to work with. I expressed an interest, and lo and behold here I am a few weeks later with a lovely pair of sunglasses to review for you! What caught my eye about this particular brand was the range of customisable options that are available as standard; very few sunglasses brands offers such flexibility for such a reasonable price. They are also "Engineered for Life", which intrigued me about their durability, and consequentially, the quality. Keep reading to find out more about my Sili Sunglasses*!

Sili Sunglasses Black Frames Frosted Grey Arms Ice Blue Lens with soft case

So, what makes Sili Sunglasses stand out amongst other brands? There are actually numerous factors that I was pleased to discover. By far their biggest selling point is the fact that they're near indestructible. They are made out of polymer, which allows them to be flexed in pretty much any direction, and also makes them very lightweight. The arms are also designed to be snapped off, for two reasons. The first is so when they are dropped, sat or stood on, they simply come apart instead of breaking - so if that happens, they can be easily slot back into the frames. Secondly, this allows you to customise your sunglasses with a range of different coloured arms. You get a pair of arms on your sunglasses normally, but on their online store you can choose a different pair and swap them. This allows for an endless range of options, and are reasonably priced for £20 per pair.

Sili Sunglasses Black Frames Frosted Grey Arms Ice Blue Lens review

The customisation doesn't stop at changing the arms, either. When you place your order, you are able to choose from two other options for customisation - the frames and the lenses. When I was ordering my pair, I spent forever deciding which colour combinations to go for; trust me when I say you can be there for quite some time! In the end, I decided on the Matte Black frames, with Ice Blue mirrored lenses and Frosted Grey arms. All of their lenses are polarised no matter what styled you choose, and this is something that I think is really important. If you're looking for a high quality pair of sunglasses, in my opinion the lenses should be polarised; they offer the best protection for your eyes by reducing glare, resulting in better clarity. It's not a lens that comes as standard on most brands of sunglasses, so I was really impressed with this! When my sunglasses arrived, I was really pleased with the options that I had chosen; the only thing that I would change if I was doing it again would be to choose different arms. The grey arms and black frames are too similar to each other to be noticeably different, and that was what I was aiming for. That being said, they do work extremely well together.

Sili Sunglasses Black Frames Frosted Grey Arms Ice Blue Lens review

Once I had finally placed my order, I waited in eager anticipation for them to arrive. If my memory serves me correctly, they arrived within four or five days - not bad at all for a pair of completely custom sunglasses! Sili Sunglasses offer free shipping worldwide, so I was expecting to be on the slower side, but this wasn't the case at all. Talking of cases, they arrived in an extremely durable hard case that looks fantastic. Clever me forgot to take any photos, but if you visit their Instagram you will see what the cases look like. They're really quite large, larger than I was expecting and that is because they are designed to accommodate an extra pair of arms in the lid. How cool is that! Also provided is a soft case, which is what I used to carry them around in; as lovely as the hard case is, it's just too bulky for all of my handbags! There is even a cleaning cloth too. Considering that sunglasses brands like Oakley will often cost you £100+ and only provide a soft case, this is very impressive.

Sili Sunglasses Black Frames Frosted Grey Arms Ice Blue Lens on faceSili Sunglasses Black Frames Frosted Grey Arms Ice Blue Lens on face

Now, there is a downside to end this review, and it pains me to write it as I really do love these sunglasses. The downside is that they do not suit me. At all. They are far too big for my face, and I find the frame shape to be a little bit odd. They are a very rounded frame, which to me just feels a bit off. Martin was pleased however, as I gave them to him and he could finally have a pair of polarised sunglasses in his collection! As you can see, they look pretty good on him but I don't know... I'm just not feeling the shape. They seem to sit very high on the bridge of the nose, and I think this is down to the retro styling of the bridge. At the moment this is the only style that they offer, and I really hope that in the future they branch out and offer more designs. Even a range of three/four would give potential customers that choice, without being overwhelming. However, the brand is still young at a little under a year old, and if they keep offering this excellent quality and range of options without pushing up the price, they'll go from strength to strength. I'm excited to see where they end up in the future!

Sili Sunglasses are available from their online store for £58 - use the code INSTA10 for 10% off

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