Review: Flo Perfume Atomiser (and why it's better than a Travalo)

June 06, 2015

Have you ever been travelling, and deliberated over whether or not to take your favourite perfume with you? In years gone by I was one of those people; thankfully these days, there's a much easier solution, and it comes in the form of the Flo Perfume Atomiser*. If you're sat there thinking "Well, I've seen these before, you can buy them for £1 off eBay, why would I bother with this one?" - well, this one is a bit different. It's much better than the Travalo, which I have reviewed in the past on this blog, and therefore also better than those cheap knockoff ones you can find online. Read on to find out why!

Flo Perfume Atomiser Silver 7ml

At first glance, this looks like any other perfume atomiser - and for the most part, you would be correct in assuming so. Flo Perfume Atomisers are available in three variations; 5ml spray, 7ml spray and a 7ml rollerball. I have the 7ml spray version, which delivers approxmiately 120 sprays - so more than enough for a long holiday away. Made with glass casing and a tough exterior, this ensures that it does not change the composition of your perfume and makes it near impossible to break. Trust me, I've had multiple occasions where I've dropped it on the floor and it's still in one piece! All of the atomisers are airline approved and comply with the current liquid restrictions that are in place for air travel, so they're the ideal solution for if you're only flying with hand luggage. They are available in a wide variety of colours; silver, pink, gold and black to name just a few, and there's even a special crystal version too.

Flo Perfume Atomiser Silver 7ml Spray Top

When you remove the lid, you have the spray top which delivers a good, even spray. There's nothing more I hate when a spray top that squirts liquid in just one spot - you end up with wet patches and it takes longer to dry down. It seems to be of good quality; that is to say, it doesn't feel flimsy and weak when spraying, and I can see it lasting me for a good few years. Also at the top of the atomiser is a section of clear glass, meaning that you can tell when you're about to run out of the fragrance you've put inside. I would prefer it if it had a glass window all the way through like you get with the Travalo, but this little window acts like a good warning indicator all the same. In terms of perfume leaking out of it, I haven't had any trouble with this leaking at all - either when filling up, or when it is full. I found with the Travalo that it did leak a little when filling it up, if I wasn't careful. With the way that you fill this one up, I was really expecting it to but it's very secure and I've not had a drop lost yet so far - very impressive!

Flo Perfume Atomiser Silver 7ml Silicone MouthSo, how do you fill this thing up? Well, this is where it differs from the rest. With the Travalo, the perfume bottle has to have a conventional spray top, like the one on this atomiser. This is because you need to remove it, and "pump" the fragrance in using the nozzle inside. However, if your perfume bottle looks like this, for example, then there's no top to pull off - meaning that you can't put that perfume into it. However, with this, you can! The Flo Atomiser is the only one that is designed to fit every single fragrance bottle. This is thanks to the patented silicone mouth, that becomes visible when you unscrew the bottom of the atomiser. You simply tilt the atomiser to a 45° angle, and spray or pour your perfume in. Then, screw the lid back on, making sure that it's secure and tight, and you're ready to go! This design also means that it is easy to rinse out with rubbing alcohol, which allows you to fill it with different fragrances. This is something that isn't possible with the Travalo and it really bugged me! I honestly can't recommend these enough - I'm going to be buying myself the rollerball version in the future to see how it compares.

Flo Perfume Atomisers are available from their online store for £9.95 each

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