OOTD: A Neon 25th Birthday

June 13, 2015

OOTD featuring George at Asda Neon Duster Blazer, Leeds Fashion BloggerOOTD featuring George at Asda Neon Duster Blazer, Leeds Fashion Blogger
ASOS Black and White Satchel, Leeds Fashion Blogger
Sammydress Coral and Blue Necklace, Leeds Fashion Blogger
Polaroid P8343 Sunglasses, Leeds Fashion Blogger
New Look Coral Ring, Leeds Fashion Blogger
Clarks Black Busby Jazz Monk Shoes, Leeds Fashion Blogger

Duster Blazer: George at Asda
Cami: George at Asda
Jeans: TKMaxx
Shoes: Clarks via Debenhams
Sunglasses: Polaroid
Necklace: Sammydress
Ring: New Look
Earrings: ASOS

A week ago today I celebrated my 25th birthday - which I still can't quite comprehend. How can I be a quarter of a century old already?! Anyway, such an occasion required a special outfit, and I found the star of the show from George at Asda. I saw this duster blazer online and fell in love with it straight away; I've been looking for one for quite some time, but never found one in the right style and for the right price. I was originally after a black one, but I decided to step out of my comfort zone and give this neon orange number a try! When it arrived and I tried it on, I wasn't 100% sure about it. I felt like I drowned me, and that the colour didn't suit me. Even Martin said that I should send it back when I showed him. However, when my birthday arrived and I put on the cami and jeans, when I put this on top it worked much better and I'm glad that I decided to keep it! It's unlike anything that I already own and it makes such a statement. It was only £12 too - an absolute bargain compared to what other shops sell similar ones for!

To pair with the duster blazer, I also picked up a simple black cami from George at Asda. I've also been looking for one of these for a while, but the trouble was finding one that fits right. I've tried on several versions in the past, but the problem I've come across time and time again is how tight they are around my hips and thighs. I carry all of my weight around these areas, so they have never fitted comfortably. I took a bit of a risk with this one as I ordered it online, but my risk paid off as it fits perfectly! I read reviews online that suggested sizing up, and I'm glad I did as a 16 would have been too small. The straps are adjustable, which I really like, and it's made out of a light, floaty material which makes it a great item to layer with. There are a wide range of colours available in these cami tops, including some pastel shades, and I will definitely be buying more in the future now that I've found the right one for me.

My jeans were a chance purchase from TKMaxx last year. I really struggle with buying jeans, and I've had far too many pairs in the past that have not fitted me properly. They're often too tight around the thighs and too baggy around the waist, meaning that I was forever pulling them up. I tried on this pair thinking that I'd hate them, but for the first time in my life they were a perfect fit! They have plenty of stretch and are high waisted, meaning that they stay up better and it makes them the most comfortable jeans I've ever worn, too. It's a shame that I'll probably never come across another pair, as I love them so much!

As for jewellery, I wanted pieces that complemented the outfit. It turned out that I had two pieces that worked perfectly; an orange and blue necklace from Sammydress, and a chunky orange ring from New Look. I bought the necklace sometime last year as part of a big order; you may remember this outfit post from last month, where I wore another necklace from that same order. I hadn't yet had chance to wear this necklace, because as much as I loved it, it was difficult to pair with an outfit. However, I think you can agree that this matches the blazer perfectly! It even worked well with the neckline of the cami, which was an unexpected bonus. The best thing about it as well is that is only cost a few pounds, which is mad when you consider that a store like Topshop would easily charge you £15 or more. The ring I distinctly remember buying from the New Look store in York on my 22nd birthday. Weirdly, I don't think I've worn it since then - how strange that I should wear it again on my birthday three years later! It is a bit worn in places, and very chunky, but I love it. The earrings I bought as part of a multipack in the Boxing Day sales one year, and I wear them quite often because they're light and comfortable, despite being quite big.

Accessories wise, my choices were easy. This satchel bag from ASOS was a gift from Martin a couple of years ago, and it's one that I wear very often. It goes with everything, and is a great size, fiting my phone, purse and make up in with ease. It's showing a few signs of wear and tear now as it has been so well loved, but it's still going strong and I hope it will last for a while longer yet. My sunglasses are another pair of Polaroids; these are a different style to my other pair, as they are a bit bigger and have a more square frame. I love this pair because of the detail along the arms; it offers a point of interest to an otherwise plain frame and make them look more expensive than they actually are. They have, of course, polarised lenses so the quality is second to none. I need to add some more pairs to my collection!

Last but by no means least, let's talk about my monk shoes. Aren't they beautiful? I saw the oxblood version on Michelle from Satchel and Pearls a few weeks ago, and fell in love instantly. I immediately went to buy them from the link she listed, but they were out of stock in all sizes by the time I got there. However, a quick search in Google and I came up trumps, as Debenhams were selling them for the same price - and they had this black pair too. I had to get the oxblood pair because they were just stunning (I'm sure they'll feature in an outfit post later in the year!), but I wanted the black pair too as I knew that I could wear them with just about anything. They are made from real leather, and feature a 'pony hair' texture across the top. I was worried about breaking them in as I always struggle with leather shoes, but I needn't have worried about these. They were incredibly comfortable right from the off, and I experienced no rubbing at all. You don't even need to undo the buckle to put them on, as it stretches to allow your foot to slip in - perfect for a lazy person like me. I'd highly recommend them if you're after a pair of monk shoes; they come in grey too and I must say that I'm tempted to buy those as well!

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  1. I love the jacket on you! I have the same one but struggle to find anything to go with it now! And the shoes are beautifullllll <3

    1. Aww, thanks Michelle! It is a difficult piece to style but for £12 I don't mind if I only ever wear it with this outfit! Thanks for writing your blog post on those shoes! x