Pound World/TK Maxx/Asda Haul March 2015

April 01, 2015

Do you ever have those moments, where you go out shopping and when you get home, you stop and think "...How much did I spend?!" Yeah, well, that happened to me on Saturday! I had no other plans, so I asked my dad if he would drop me off at the nearest retail park so I could have a look around. Three extremely large, unwieldy carrier bags later, I think my dad was a little perplexed to see me throw them into the back of the car! I actually bought a few other things apart from this, but it was all boring essentials (Food for lunches, etc.) so I haven't included them. You're only here for the fun stuff, right?

Pound shop nail polishes

Revlon Colorstay in 220 Rainforest, Sally Hansen Triple Shine in 
360 Sparkling Water and Sally Hansen Lustre Shine in 003 Firefly, £1 each
Martin has me on a ban with nail polishes - I'm not allowed to buy anymore until I have used all the ones that I have at least once. Seeing as I have 200+, it's not going to happen any time soon! When I saw these three I could not resist them. I've heard good things about the Colorstay polishes, and I've never seen these two ranges from Sally Hansen before. When I get around to wearing them is a different matter!

TKMaxx Beauty Haul

Superfacialist by Una Brennan Neroli Firming Eye Cream, £4.99
and Physician's Formula Matte Finishing Veil, £3.99
Going into TK Maxx turned out to be a bad idea for my bank balance! I've been after a new eye cream for a while, so when I saw this one for £4.99 instead of the usual £11.99, it was coming home with me. This finishing powder was purchased on a whim, mostly because I'd never seen anything like it before. The packaging is very clever, and the ingredients list looks promising - I'm excited to give it a try!

NEOM Candle TKMaxx

NEOM Restore: Inspire (Jasmine, Ginger & Sandalwood) Candle, £24.99
Martin had picked me up a NEOM candle from the Leeds store the previous week, but they only had one scent so I wasn't expecting to find any in my nearest store - let alone a variety of scents! I really didn't need another candle, but when this was £20 off the RRP, I know I would have regretted it if I had left it behind. I love ginger, so when I opened the box and smelt this, it was love at first sight (sniff?).

Ted Baker M Fragrance TKMaxx

Ted Baker 'M' Eau de Toilette, £8.00
Martin picked up a bottle of this for himself a couple of months ago from the Leeds store, and he loves it so much he's used nearly the entire bottle! I saw this thrown in with all the miscellaneous items strewn around the counter, in some plastic packaging with £1 off because "the box was damaged". When I took it out of the plastic, it turns out there was nothing wrong with it! Martin was quite pleased with his little gift.

Asda Yankee Candle Salty Sea wax tart

Yankee Candle Simply Home Salty Sea Wax Tart, £1.00
Onto Asda now, and I did quite a bit of damage in there! Whenever I'm in an Asda store, I make a point of swinging by their candle section to see if they have any new fragrances in. Now, I don't know is this is new, but I had never seen it before. It's quite different to any other wax tart/candle I own; you can definitely smell the salt, but otherwise it's a very fresh, clean, summery scent, as you would expect.

Glamour Magazine April 2015

Glamour Magazine, £2.00
I wasn't actually intending to buy this magazine at all - in fact, I very rarely buy magazines at all. But, I was looking for a face wash - an absolute essential as I had run out of my precious Peaches & Clean - I spotted this. The free gift with this issue is a generous 50ml tube of balanceme's Pure Skin Face Wash; this works out quite well for me, as I can give it a try without having to commit to a full size product.

Floral Print Kimono George AsdaFloral Print Kimono George Asda

Floral Print Kimono, £16.00
Being a fan of George at Asda's clothing range in general, I realised that I hadn't seen any of their items for a while so went to have a look around. I ended up leaving with three things - oops! First up is this beautiful kimono, which once I'd spotted it, I knew I would end up buying. I love everything about it - the colours, the patterns, the length, the material - it will be the perfect cover-up for summer evenings.

High Waisted Skinny Jeans Baby Pink George AsdaHigh Waisted Skinny Jeans Baby Pink George Asda

'Baby Pink' High Waisted Skinny Jeans, £16.00
Whenever I visit a clothes shop, I keep my eye out for any high waisted jeans that might be suitable for me. They're my preferred style, and if they're a skinny fit, even better, I found these, and loved the colour straight away! They're described as 'baby pink', but they're more nude in real life. These fit amazingly well - the waist is actually very high, and they're so comfortable too! Very highly recommended.

Geometric Patterned Trousers George AsdaGeometric Patterned Trousers George Asda

Geometric Patterned Trousers, £14.00
Asda had so many pairs of patterned trousers - I think I took seven pairs with me to the changing room! However, after trying every pair on I was disappointed to find that they were all too short. So, when I came to this last pair, I didn't have high hopes - but they were perfect! These are made out of a crepe-like material, so are very light and comfortable. I will get a lot of wears out of these in the summer!

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  2. I love the pound shop for nail polishes, there's some great finds in there and always some good brands.

    1. Me too - I can't go into a pound shop without seeing if they have any good polishes in! x