New Bedroom Storage - IKEA Alex?

January 22, 2014

Last week, I was in my bedroom having a bit of a tidy up, and suddenly realised something; I have completely run out of space. I still live with my parents, and my bedroom is be far and away the smallest room in the house (Unless you count the downstairs loo, which I don't). I have managed to squeeze a double bed in there, along with a wardrobe, chest of drawers and a bedside table and that is about it. The problem is that a good proportion of my room is taken up by what I call "the cube"; a big block that sticks into my room, because of the staircase underneath it. I make do with it and now I get along with it just fine, but that's a story for another day. The problem it leaves me with, however is not a great deal of floor space - in fact, about six foot square in area. A good chunk of that is taken up by my chest of drawers and bedside table, which incidentally I cannot use for it's designed purpose. It came as part of a set from Argos with the wardrobe and chest of drawers, and it was basically free. It has one drawer at the top, and a big space at the bottom and to be honest, is currently just a receptacle for rubbish. At the moment, everything gets thrown on top and inside of it and it's driving me a bit mad.

Fast forward to the night before last, and like most beauty bloggers I was catching up with my YouTube subscriptions. A video called "My Makeup Collection" had been uploaded from lilmisschickas and I thought "Oooh, I'll watch that - I love make up collection videos!". I started watching and recognised the now famous IKEA Alex drawer unit. The more I watched it, and how she had organised her drawers I found myself wishing that I had the room to have such a unit myself. Then I thought - well, why couldn't I? Why not get rid of the useless bedside table and get myself that instead? So, off I went onto the IKEA website, found the dimensions and measured them up against the space that the bedside table would be in - and it's near enough a perfect fit, with plenty of breathing space. With that, I was off thinking about what exactly I would put into it. My make up is currently stored in my IKEA Moppe drawers (Link goes to a post I wrote when I bought and customised it), which serves me very well at the moment. However, I know that one day in the very forseeable future, those drawers will no longer be big enough and again, I will have run out of space. With this in mind, I intend to move my make up into the Alex unit and keep items such as candles, wires etc. in those Moppe drawers. After a lot of thought (Who knew that storage could be so time consuming!), I have envisaged what I would like to go into each drawer...

A. Face products - This would consist of foundations, powders, blushers/bronzers and concealers. My foundation collection is not massive so would only take up a small proportion of the drawer; my blusher collection would probably fill up the rest!

B. Lip products - Everything from lipsticks to lip balms would be quite happy in here. This is my biggest collection of products, except for possibly eyeshadows and I'm looking forward to having them all organised! At the moment, it takes me forever to find what I want.

C. Eye products - Eyeshadows, including palettes and singles, eyebrow products, eyeliners and mascaras would probably fit into one drawer, although it might be a bit of a tight squeeze. I didn't realise until recently how many MUA eyeshadow palettes I had!

D. Creams/treatments -I'm hopeful that I would be able to get my body lotions and butters into here, as well as facial moisturisers and face masks. I don't have a lot of facial moisturisers so in theory I should be able to squeeze it all in, just about.

E. Jewellery - This is a potential idea, as I would like to try popping some ring trays into a drawer along with some boxes for bracelets and possibly earrings. If not, I could use this drawer for medicine and other items of that kind of nature.

F. Hair products - My hair products are currently in the bottom drawer of my chest of drawers, along with all my body lotions and butters. I forget about them so by giving them a drawer of their own, I could potentially remember to use them more often!

G. Products to photograph - The amount of products that I need to photograph can sometimes get a bit silly and end up strewn across my room, so keeping them all in one place will hopefully restore a little bit of organisation to my normally cluttered room.

H & I: Martin's clothes - Martin usually stays over every other week, and as such he has a few of his clothes here. At the moment they're on shelves in my wardrobe, but he would prefer drawers so everything is all together. Therefore, two drawers would be donated to him!

Do you have an IKEA Alex unit? Do you use it to store your make up? Link me to your videos and blog posts in the comments below!


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  1. I want this unit so much!!! However i'm on a spending ban and it's definitely on the want list, not the need list :'( huff. Maybe one day!! xx

    1. Hopefully one day you can manage to get one! x

  2. gahh this is perfect for my bathroom, i'm going to measure the space tomorrow! praying it will fit!!

    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

    1. Hope that it does fit - it's perfect for a bathroom!! x

  3. I can totally relate to the lack of storage and floor space, my old room also had a stair cube in it! I called it 'the box' and lived with it (in a room big enough only for a single bed and a wardrobe) for all of my teenage years until my sister moved out and I got the bigger room, yay! I have been wanting some new draws though so I might see if I can stretch my budget to get these!

    1. It's a bit depressing having such an awkward room, isn't it? I think these would be worth the price - so much space! x