Wednesday Wishlist #16 - Primark Edition

April 17, 2013

China Blue dress Following on from my post about Matalan's offerings for the China Blue trend this year is this dress from Primark, that I first spotted at Pink Haired Princess a few months ago. I am determined to find it as I've had no luck in the three stores I've visited yet!

Black stud tote bag Also available in white, this could be my new bag to cart all of my stuff around in. Normally I'm not keen on double straps but really I could do with a bag that has a longer one, so this seems to be ideal. Having never actually seen it though it's difficult to judge the size.

Stud gilet I have a love for "leather" jackets, but the one I bought last year to replace my beloved, ruined H&M one just doesn't quite cut it. However I love the idea of this gilet - in any other fabric I would probably hate it but in a mock leather and I'm pretty much sold.

Metallic purse I'm always spying pretty new purses and this is the one I'm currently eying up. However, as pretty as it is it has the same fault of pretty much every purse I like - it is too light! Purses show so much wear and tear in just a few months and the lighter the colour, the more it shows.

Silver spike bracelet I've actually already seen this in store, and I toyed with the idea of buying it. Eventually I decided I didn't need it and set it back down. Now I still don't think I need it but I was so surprised as the weight and feel of it - it's thick and surprisingly heavy for just a few pounds.

Stud wedge trainers These styles of trainers have always been a bit hit or miss for me... some of them I love, some of them I hate and this is a pair I love. I don't know if I would actually wear them, for comfort's sake I would probably choose a flat shoe over these but I love the statement they create.

Blue stone ring Primark seem to have some pretty decent jewellery in this season and this ring is high on my wishlist. I'm a big sucker for rings (if you hadn't already noticed), and brightly coloured ones likes these tick all the right boxes. They have matching earrings too!


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