Derma V10 products mini reviews

April 19, 2013

When I went to the FABB Bloggers Leeds event, there was a talk from Healthpoint Ltd about their Derma V10 range. With all of the items retailing for just a couple of pounds or less, I was really curious to see how these would fare against some of my more expensive equivalents. With the Derma V10 range focusing primarily on skincare, all of these items and more can be bought from places like Bodycare and Home Bargains - making them easy to shop for and of course super affordable! I knew I wouldn't be able to write full length reviews of each product, so I decided to do mini reviews and keep it all in one post.

Before delving into the reviews I would like to point out that I was also given a SolKiss Fake Tan Mousse and Applicator Mitt, but having never worn fake tan in my life I feel that I cannot give those items the reviews they deserve. I will therefore be giving those and other fake tan products away to a lucky blogger in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled for a little giveaway!

Q10 Innovations Day Cream*

When I had a proper look at this for the first time, I knew I wouldn't be using it as a day cream. I always struggle to find a day cream that moisturises my skin without leaving it feeling greasy and dirty... do you know what I mean? However I was very open about using this as a night cream and it has been amazing for that purpose! The tub itself is very well designed for a product that costs so little; it is made entirely out of the plastic, but features a frosted glass effect outer with a white inner. It looks quite fancy and definitely more expensive that it is. The tub is also much bigger than I was expecting for 50ml.

The cream is very thick in consistency and white in colour. It is also quite heavily scented, which initially put me off. It is a very old-fashioned floral scent that is immediately noticeable - it reminds me of the cold creams my grandma used to use! However I have got used to it and now I find the scent quite comforting and soothing. I did expect this quality to play havoc with my sensitive skin but I have not found that to be so. It does take a while to sink in for me and leaves a slight residue behind, but it does a fantastic job of keeping my skin hydrated and moisturised overnight. I think this cream was designed and formulated for a more mature skin, which explains perhaps how it works on my skin. A little goes a very long way, and after using it every night for the last month I have barely dented the surface. In short, if I were ever to run out of this cream I would definitely repurchase again.

Cocoa Body Butter*

I was thinking that I had never heard of the brand name before, until I pulled this tub out of the bag. I've gone and bought this before from Bodycare! However, I ended up throwing it out because I'd had it for a good few years forgotten about in the bottom of a drawer, and the cream was definitely not looking its best. Now that I have a fresh tub to experiment with I can say that I like this an awful lot. One thing I had forgotten is the plastic cover that is over the cream after taking the lid off - I presume to conserve freshness. It does make things a bit fiddly but if it works, it works right?

The cream would be a surprise to many, as it was to me, as it is a definite orange shade and not white or well, cream, as I was expecting! However, this does not transfer onto the skin at all and when you rub it onto your skin, there's no orange hue left behind. Being a body butter, this is a very thick as you would expect and smells absolutely incredible. It smells pretty much identical to the Palmers' range, so if you're in the market for a much cheaper, similar smelling body cream I would suggest giving this one a go. Like all other creams of this type, it does take a while to sink in, so putting in on before bed is your best option. When I wake up, not only is my skin incredibly soft and moisturised but my whole room smells of cocoa too! For the price, it does a very good job of tackling those rough patches such as knees and elbows, and if applied regularly will keep your skin looking and feeling great.

Q10 Innovations Anti Ageing Hand & Nail Cream*

At the moment, I am completely overrun with hand creams, but put the one I was using to one side to give this a good go. This hand and nail cream is again targeted at more mature skin, but for younger skin I still expected to see some results. For me, a hand cream has got to smell nice, sink in quickly to leave no residue, yet be moisturising enough to tackle the dry skin I sometimes get on my knuckles. With the recent spell of cold, harsh weather I ended up putting this to the ultimate test. After I came back from London, I had developed such dry knuckles that they ended up bleeding and being very sore.

Unfortunately, this cream fell quite a long way off the mark for me. When I squeezed the cream out of the tube, it seemed very watery which to me indicates a weak formula. It has an unusual scent but by no means unpleasant; the beeswax is definitely in there but there's another edge to the scent as well, possibly slightly floral. This scent does stay on my hands until I next wash them so if you're not keen that might be a downside! It did do a decent job with my very dry knuckles but not enough for me - but then this isn't aimed for very dry skin so I might be missing the point. It also never seems to sink in fully, and my hands were left with a greasy residue that made every day tasks a bit annoying to deal with! The cream contains SPF to help prevent age spots caused by sun damage, and over time I can see this cream benefiting the skin in that manner. So, as a long term solution this might be a good cream to reach for every day but as an instant solution, it doesn't do it for me.

Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes*

When I was a teen I used to swear by cleansing wipes. They were all I ever used to remove my make up, and the cheaper, the better! To be fair, I never used to wear make up on a daily basis so they were probably quite suited for the younger me. Now that I am older and (hopefully) wiser I now no longer use wipes to remove my make up, using them now only to tidy up my eyebrows when I'm filling them in and if I'm staying over at someone's house. I ended up staying at a friend's not long after the event, so ever the dutiful blogger I threw these in my bag ready to use before I went to bed very late that night.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the packet was the scent - being tea tree these were obviously very strong! With tea tree products I worry about using them around my eyes. Previous tea tree wipes have definitely given my eyes a bit of a hard time but these ones weren't nearly so bad, and I was doing quite a lot of scrubbing to get my stubborn mascara off. Talking of scrubbing, I did feel that these weren't nearly wet enough, so I was compensating by over-rubbing my skin to get my make up off. These wipes are also quite thin, so any wetness that was on them quickly evaporated into pretty much nothing after a few uses. After using the wipes to remove my make up I could definitely feel some left on my skin... it didn't feel quite clean and I ended up using three wipes in the end. Ignoring that however my skin did feel quite tingly afterwards, obviously down to the tea tree. It also felt soft and didn't aggravate my sensitive skin much at all. On an every-day basis, like mentioned I use them to tidy up my brows and these do a better, cleaner job than my Primark favourites do. All in all I wouldn't recommend using them to take off a full face of make up, but if you're out and about and want to refresh your skin a bit then these would be ideal - especially for the price!


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