Best of the Dupes: Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDP vs. Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely EDP

April 24, 2013

Left: Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDP £60.68 for 100ml
Right: Sarah Jessica Lovely EDP £19.99 for 100ml

I haven't done a dupes post in a very long time, but when I came across this whilst browsing online I simply had to test it out at work. It's well known that dupes in fragrances exist; some more blatant than others but I think this one can't be ignored. Celebrity fragrances generally get the scorn of most people - they're often classified as uninspiring and simply another excuse for the celebrity to make another quick buck. Whilst that is true for a good number of celebrities, it can't be denied that the majority are excellent value for money and the quality is generally very good. With this particular dupe you're saving over £40 and few people would be able to ignore that!

When I first tried these on both spray cards and on my skin, I found it quite difficult to distinguish between the two. However as they settle down differences do emerge - but not massive ones, it has to be said. Both perfumes share notes of amber, musk and patchouli, as well as sharing a sharpness that I haven't smelt in other perfumes before. Narciso Rodriguez I found to last longer on both the card and on my skin, and whilst it settled to a soft, warm finish there was definitely a touch of tartness there. In comparison Lovely did last longer than I thought it would, and dried down to a more floral, almost powdery finish with the musk note really coming through. I do genuinely think that Lovely is a more complex fragrance than the Narciso Rodriguez - which was I was not expecting to find.

Final verdict: Whilst there are definite differences to the fragrances, they are quite small and only really noticeable to a trained nose. The huge saving cannot be ignored; don't let the celebrity endorsement put you off what is a good, honest, well created perfume.


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