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Christmas/January Sales Haul (ASOS, Jeffrey Campbell, The Body Shop & more!)

January 08, 2013

Normally, I never bother with the sales after Christmas. Going into town is way too much hassle - too busy, cramped and generally all of the good stuff would have long been snapped up by those crazy people who actually go to shops as soon as they open on Boxing Day. However, this year I managed to save up some money and did a good chunk of my sales shopping online - online sales shopping is the way forward people! Anyway, I've picked up quite a lot of stuff, so keep scrolling to find out what I've bought!

ASOS, L-R: £4.50, £2.50, £4
The first website I managed to find some decent stuff on was ASOS - they had so much stuff! I love their jewellery section because they always have some nice pieces. I managed to pick up some great earrings and a nice set of rings for next to nothing! My favourites have to be the acorns in the Oasis pack.

ASOS, L-R: £3.50, £3
More earrings... I think I'm set on the earrings front for a while now! With my previous haul I bought some rose gold bracelets, and wanted some earrings to match. The two pairs on the right were actually packed together for £3 - I'm not sure on the cross earrings but when they were £1.50 I can't complain!

ASOS, £12.50
In the sale, I was after some tops and dresses that I could wear with my new Black Milk leggings (Post to come on those in the near future!). The front has a beaded baroque detail, which is quite subtle and pretty. The back is made out of a sheer material and has a lower hem than the front.

ASOS, £12
This was the final item that I came away with from ASOS. I've been after a dress like this for ages, I couldn't believe it when this one was only £12! The back top half is sheer, has a fairly short underskirt and a hi-lo hem skirt. The whole material is chiffon so it is very lightweight and floaty.

Matalan, £2.50
On Saturday, Martin's parents took us to Scarborough for the day - which was nice if not a little out of the blue! I wasn't intending on doing any shopping at all, but when I spotted a huge Matalan I couldn't resist. This bracelet was sat on the stand staring at me, it would have been rude to leave it behind at half price!

Matalan, £5
You may recognise a black top very similar to this from a previous haul - it is indeed the very same top, just a different colour! I love how that top fitted, and knowing they did them in other colours I hunted through the sales racks for this. I intend to wear this with leggings but it could be worn with anything!

Soletrader & Office, clockwise from top left: £49, £20, £10, £35
This was by far my biggest splurge of the sales! Any fashion bloggers among you will recognise the top left pair as Jeffrey Campbell Litas - massively reduced down to £49! I heard that they were reduced on Soletrader via Twitter and jumped on them straight away. This is my second pair of Litas and I can't get over the quality, everything from the spare spikes included to the box is amazing.
The next three pairs are from Office, where they had (and still have) some great deals on shoes. When I saw that the Nighthawks were reduced to £35 I couldn't get them into my basket quick enough - you'll remember my "Best of the Dupes" post on them, and now I finally had the excuse I was looking for to buy them! The top right pair (along with the bottom right) were complete spontaneous buys - I have a secret love for ridiculous platform boots/shoes and at £20, they were a steal.  As for the bottom pair - how could I not for only £10?! They're made out of a suede/velvet material, which I wasn't expecting but really like. All of the shoes are extremely comfortable, particularly the top right pair.

The Body Shop Outlet, £4.87 for 3
The price above is a complete guess, as I think something kooky went on at the till. Let's put it this way, for these and the next two items I paid about £6 which just doesn't add up! Anyway, these were from the Junction 32 in Castleford. To be honest I just wanted the Ginger Sparkle oil for reasons you'll see below!

The Body Shop Outlet, £1.40
When I went into TBS, I wanted to see what the Ginger Sparkle range smelt like after Lauren told me about it. I wasn't disappointed - this range smells incredible, a bit like ginger ale but sweeter. I didn't need any more shower gel after picking up the one below but I couldn't leave it behind once I'd smelt it.

The Body Shop Outlet, £2
Martin actually ended up finding this - he was sniffing the products as much as I was! I wasn't expecting to like this but I was pleasantly surprised at how good it smelled - sweet with just a hint of spice. I'm going to be putting my Warm Cinnamon Nights away within the next month, so this will be replacing it.

The Body Shop, £8 & £10
These were actually bought from TBS in Scarborough and not in the sale - Martin's mum has the Aloe Vera version of this cleanser, so I went in to buy one for myself. However, I spotted this one, which is probably better for my skin type. Both my cleanser and moisturiser are running out so these will be used very soon!

Clintons Cards & Collectables, top row L-R: £1, 79p, £1.62 bottom row: 90p each
Yeah, yeah... like I need any more candles! I must have about seven or eight waiting to be burnt but when there's a sale on my favourite candles, how could I say no? The first two were from Clintons Cards in Scarborough and all the rest from Collectables at Junction 32. Safe to say that they all smell amazing!

Pilot, £10
Last, but by no means least is this top from Pilot at Junction 32. Martin spotted it in the window display, so I went in to have a browse. I had no idea that Pilot shops still existed, shows how little I know! I ended up picking up a S/M rather than M/L by accident, but it fits really well so I'm happy to keep it.


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  1. Wow you picked up lots of amazing things! I didn't even step foot into town after christmas for the sales, its just too busy for my liking! 2013 is the year I am being good with money too, so I know if I had, I would have just purchased things I didnt really need!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. xx

    1. Haha, suppose I did! I didn't really, luckily everything had died right down by the time I made it to the shops!

      I say that every year but this year I suspect I'll be even worse! xx